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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Not the dishwasher too!

Let me add to the list of things I can do without! Our dishwasher died last week, we have a new part ordered for it but it will be a while! My girls love (!) doing dishes by hand and both have requested to NOT get the dishwasher fixed. I have to say I don't mind doing them by hand-kind of enjoy the time where my hands are busy and allowing my mind to catch up and then wander free. We will get it fixed-make real estate person happy probably, but in the mean time I will enjoy doing supper dishes with the girls and making soap sud beards and crowns on us all!

I cleaned out a closet to be used for food storage, it looks great-unfortunately all the stuff i drug out of there is still sitting on the dining room table so we have been eating supper in front of the TV. Sigh! I'll save a box or two from work and get it all off to Goodwill on my next day off.

I have to say I miss reading! I used to sit down on a weekend and wrap myself up in a great science fiction or fantasy. We have all been so busy with these new projects that I haven't done that in a long time. Balance, balance, balance! Maybe just a couple of hours this weekend with a great cup of coffee, some fuzzy slippers and blanket. Enjoy the day! Kris

(Judy -thanks for the award. I'm thinking about how to pass it on!)


Stephany said...

Let me preface this by saying my husband is a geek and this was his idea.
When we first moved in here, we hand washed for a whole month and then we used our dishwasher (water miser cycle, air dry) the next month. Our electric bill (electric water heater) and our water bill were lower when we used the dishwasher.

I have to say I was happy to see that because I don't think I could keep up with everything if I was handwashing all the dirty dishes we make in a day. LOL

fullfreezer said...

I use the dishwasher about 50% of the time. Usually when things have stacked up from more than one meal (like when the kids were home from school and I was at work- Grrr!) One of my pet peeves is that when V washes dishes by hand he washes everything but the silverware. Then I come home to a sink of dirty silverware and nothing in the drawer. ARGH!!!
Stephany- I'm glad to hear about your experiment. We always use the energy saver (air dry) cycle unless I'm heating canning jars. Now I won't feel so guilty when I use the machine :)

Danielle said...

Congratulations on putting your place on the market and getting some confirmation from the chick whose property you are interested! Can't wait to see how all this unfolds for you!

Anonymous said...

It is interesting about the dishwasher... as a child, we never had a dishwasher and I never thought to miss it. I'm an only child, so it wasn't as if there were *that* many dishes, and we always did them after each meal, not filling up the sink to wash, just soaping and then using the taped water to wash.

When I moved into my new house, I had a brand new dishwasher. I've never used in in the 7 months I've been here. When my mother comes to visit, she keeps asking if I've used it, and I have to say no, as I never see the need - we didn't at their home, right? But she would love for me to use it. Thinking about it, maybe that's because *she* didn't have the option to do so and wants me to. But I just can't - it seems like such an odd idea!

hickchick said...

Well the house isn't on the market yet! We are probably a couple months from that-I want the girls to finish their year in school and i am no closer to working less. Our talk with M was very preliminary!

The dishwasher thing drives me a little nuts, I like clear surfaces and seeing dishes waiting to be washed drags me down-even if its only a few--MENTAL i know! something about putting things into the dishwasher-out of sight...

~Crystal~ said...

Ohhh, I want to see a picture of the food storage closet when you're done Please post!