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Friday, October 2, 2009

Eye Candy

Pretty aren't they?? Monday night it got down to 24 degrees at the farm. It caught me by surprise-even though it really shouldn't have. End of September is pretty good for here. My tomatoes were just starting to produce, but no amount of covering was going to get them through 24 degrees. I was off work yesterday so I went out to collect what I could and lament all those pretty red fruits on the vine...
I came home with 2 huge cabbages (one had split in the cold) a handful of orange tomatoes which didn't seem to be affected by the freeze (hmm...), some dried beans and these beautiful winter squash.
I had a really hard time deciding which varieties to plant. I was shopping at Baker Creek Heirloom seeds and I had 90 varieties to choose from (90!) I was like a kid in a candy store. I eventually settled on three- Iran, Red Kuri, and Sweet Meat. I also picked a french pumpkin which was supposed to be flattened with alot of ribbing. My selection process was a little vague-I wanted something different than the acorn or spaghetti squash our family was accustomed to, it had to be aesthetically pleasing, yummy and (hopefully) a good keeper.
I had very good germination rates and amazing (take over the garden) growth of the vines, lots of flowers but not as many mature squash as I was expecting. Now that I think about it...I did pick some Red Kuri for my family, and let another family member go pick what she wanted, so I really can't complain :D

This is the Red Kuri-it is small and very yummy-I have prepared it once by peeling and cubing it, then roasting with a brushing of maple syrup.

Sweet Meat- I haven't tried this one yet but I love the sea foam green color

This is supposed to be Iran variety, the color is not as described in the catalog but the shape and size are right-maybe they just didn't have time to mature or our cold and dry summer affected them.


Ruralrose said...

frost bite - fortunate you were home - we haven't had it yet, but with the full moon ahead it will get me too - this post was so timely, i am busy cutting up the pork bellies i smoked for bacon, husband is putting in a huge outdoor woodburning furnace, which uses hot water to heat the house, plumbing goes in for it today (huge hole along the back yard) - great pictures, i love squash but also have a difficult time picking out a variety in the sea of variety which will produce in my short season, thanks for the reminder Kris might have lost all my tomatoes if i forget them to the frost, they are STILL green, i guess i need help picking that variety too - peace for all, stay warm too

Anonymous said...

Eye candy indeed, and 'stomach candy' as winter squash is delicious! Somehow it just matches everything about this season. The "cool dry place" stores are starting to build. I love butternut. I've never tried the grayish kind either, when you do, be sure to post :-)