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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

One 'Door' Closes...

The fixer-upper is off the table. The trustee for the estate decided he could not sell it for the low price he offered. That's okay. I am at peace and am in a state of openness to what might happen. That sounds really new-age dippy but there it is. Tomorrow I meet the soil test man and the backhoe at the 20 acres of field which butts up against my dad's woods. If the soil will perk test for a septic system then we wiil buy it. If it doesn't and a holding tank is our only option then we will not. Period. (there is another parcel of land for sale 1/2 mile down the road) (with a woods) (in the preferred school district-no 'school choice' and meeting the bus on the corner-only 50 yards, but still). I am excited about building our own 'ARK'. Passive solar, wood heat, water collection systems, off grid (maybe).
I'll let you know what happens tomorrow -if I have time before scooting off to work!


fullfreezer said...

Crossing my fingers for you. It sounds like you still have options. That is a wonderful thing! Good luck!

Ruralrose said...

I can see why you want to have land next to your dads, it is admirable to bond as a community, to survive whatever it is we are to be prepared for. However, if the land you buy isn't enough to sustain all your needs it isn't good enough to buy "just because". You will miss woods, if you want them, you will the bus stop, if you want it. You need to have your own water, don't discount this. The other thing is while this purchase would fortify your father's farm it doesn't allow you to bring anything new to the table. If you had different land, soil, sunlight, water, etc. the diversity in what will grow or can be raised would surely increase your sustainability. To raise animals you need a bit of trees and water. Do you want to spend the next 5 years, putting energy and hours and worries everyday into building a farm. It will make an outside job always necessary and take your time away from raising food and children. It is very stressful to build something from nothing when you have no experience and with limited expert hands on assistance. I speak from years of building, and rebuilding. The other point i make since i am being so crass, is that in the future with more than one family living on and sharing the farm, ie your kids and relatives, it would be prudent to consider a place not attached, for sufficiency. Kris, I hoped I haven't stepped over the boundaries here, wanting only the best for you, Ruth

Sue said...

Sorry the fixer is out of the picture........but perhaps there is a reason.. .
Best of luck to you!

hickchick said...

Ruth-you are speaking from the heart and the wisdom of experience. Always welcome. Yes of course we will need water in the form of a well, and no I wouldn't be considering this place if we didn't have access to woods. Our family has had many discussions about joining together into a co-operative and for all intensive purposes the woods is a shared resource! More recreational than anything else-there is not enough timber to provide stand-alone heating sustainably.

Kathie said...

I'm putting out lots of positive thoughts!