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Monday, October 19, 2009


Just a mix of stuff today-nothing coherent. The cabbage is sitting quietly in their jars--no overflow or weird smells, which leaves me wondering-is it too cold, is it fermenting at all? IDK but Wednesday is day ten and I am supposed to process and store the kraut then. We'll see.
I made some of our stored winter squash last night for supper (split in half, scooped out, and baked w/ a little water on a cookie sheet) Yuck! Even I -the squash lover,thought it had the consistency of snot. This was a Sweet Meat from Baker's. Somebody tell me...will a winter squash which is not quite mature have this texture. It's outside was still streaked with green and the center cavity was not yet 'fiberous'. Hopefully that was the problem!
I spent some time working on crafts for an Alternative Holiday Market our local UU church puts on the weekend after thanksgiving. I started making primitive signs last winter and thought it was a lot of fun. This will be a market test for me. Will people pay money for these things-is it a viable hobby/business/tax deduction. I decided I would donate all proceeds minus paint costs to The Women's Community, a local non profit which supports women who have been victims of domestic abuse. It just felt right. This hobby is not about money but about healing (me and now others!) and balance.
Erin is out sick from school today-I am so happy we can be home for her. We decided to not vaccinate our girls for H1N1-the health dept. was running a free clinic at their school. I just didn't feel right about it. We don't routinely do seasonal influenza either. I hope this decision doesn't turn around and bite us in the ass.
We have not heard anything about the fixer-upper. He offered us a low price and when I bit, he changed his mind. I told him the place was just not worth the higher price to us, for the low price we could afford to fix it to meet our desires. He is playing us pure and simple and that is not a game I will play. I am at a place where I have my 'wanting' in check. It's a house and some land-nothing more, very rational, very cut and dried. His deadline was this Sunday and he has not called, so I will make the call today.
I have a post about guilt and loosing a pet on HWW today.


fullfreezer said...

Oh, I remember last spring, steeling myself to be ready to walk away from it all if they didn't accept our offer. It's tough. I'm glad you have a back up plan in place.
Good luck.

Ruralrose said...

i think you are making very good decisions, i bake my squash whole (seeds and all) and then whip it with a hand blender (seeds and all) with butter and a little sugar, immature squash sucks - are you still waiting? off to read your hww, catch up with you there, peace