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Saturday, October 3, 2009


The dream went like this...our staff being questioned by a panel, they are sitting in judgement. One of our employees says 'well ONE of our vets IS very good...' she then turns to me and says 'Dr Kris-you are very special too.' Geesh, feeling a little inadequate am I? I have been feeling out of place at work, like our clinic is headed in a direction I personaly do not want to go. We have some fairly new DVM's woking for us--super smart, very organized, current on all the new drugs and treatment protocols. But lacking in something-empathy? Experience? maybe lacking in nothing --just me wanting to feel like I have something to offer. I feel more and more like we are acting like MD's, ordering tests to be sure we cannot be accused of not practicing up to the 'standard of care', lots of Cover Your Ass. I AM burned out, I am not excited about learning new stuff right now. I need to get past this apathy.
I have been thinking alot about studying to become a certified (?) herbalist-is there some body who certifies herbalists? I guess I will find out.
I have been thinking alot about TEOTWAWKI, how will we heal ourselves when/if big pharma is not available or too expensive for most people - let alone pets. I love the idea of being able to combine things i enjoy. Growing things, creating a beautiful fertile space and helping people through caring for their animals.. Corney -possibly, okay very! This winter I am going to research my top 10 9or so) herbs to grow for healing (for myself and my family) if I enjoy it and make progress on learning in a none structured way -then i will allow my self to make the herbal DVM a goal instead of a daydream.

Thyme flowers


Gina said...

I read a very good book on herbal veterinary treatments. I will think about the title and try to remember it. I think it is a great direction to consider!

I know exactly what you mean about the "lacking of something" in new graduates (or employees). I am in a different area (altho, still biological sciences) and I see the same phenomena here. In fact, this 'attitude' was so evident in Cali by the 'young people', it made working with them extremely hard. One of them even had the nerve to tell me she was like the teacher and I was the student she knew could do more...Yes, more, not better. They emphasized quantity over quality and it was annoying and counter-productive. I had to service some of the work of the ones that could do 'more' and I can attest the work was subpar at best.

Hang in there. You are a great vet because you care! I would pick that over any knowledge of the latest tests any day!

O, and Happy Birthday, Oct. 5th sister!

fullfreezer said...

I'm sure there are lots of people who would welcome an 'herbal vet'. I know we would if you were closer. We're forever telling our vets 'No, we don't want that test, that (insert procedure here)' It would be refreshing to have someone try something non-invasive or chemical for a change.
I'm plotting my herb garden for spring as well. Be sure to post what you find out.

Stoney said...

I have a friend who runs an Herbal Medicine school. Her name is Gigi Stafne. The school is near Chetek, WI. Call me for info.


hickchick said...

Gina-I was listening to a great public radio show about a new book-about decision making process. Essential what his research supported was that 'instinct' or emotion or whatever you want to call it is a valid way to make a decision as long as it is a subject you have a lot of experience in. I think I will save this for another post someday!
Judy - I'll show you mine...
Thanks Stoney-isn't it interesting how the right people are put in our paths!


Ruralrose said...

"the Complete Herbal Handbook for Farm and Stable" by Juliette de Bairacli Levy - I will send you my copy if you can't find one

the way of life you are describing is our natural birthright, you are part of a new breed of people who are willing to sacrifice industrialized consumerism hedonism for communion with nature, suckling the true sweet syrup of life - it is not corny, it is awe inspiring, a calling to last a lifetime

birthdays are for beginnings, have a marvelous day