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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Something Simmering in the Kitchen...

...and it's not the soup! It was ME. This weekend I realized I was getting resentful about spending so much time in the kitchen; making bread, cooking healthy food, doing dishes by hand, packing kids lunches and wrapping up the food storage. I was getting pissy about my self imposed kitchen duty. So I'm done-kinda, sorta. The garden is done, the girls can make their own sandwiches and put in the freezer Sunday afternoon, next pay period I will get the broken dishwasher replaced, and I will stop trying to be Martha Stewart in the kitchen (until I think it is fun again). It started out as a lot of fun but I began putting more and more pressure on myself, somewhere alot the way it became not fun and just something I should do-those damn shoulds get me every time. I remembered that the purpose for slowing down my work schedule is to ENJOY the things I have- not add more to my plate. (take the power, Kris)
Once the weather co-operates and stops raining I will get my garden put to bed, lay that project aside and turn inward to the home, my relationships, and ART. I have neglected my creativity for a long time and I can hear it calling to me (with a little outside help-thank you).

This is what I want to get back to:

Property update: we are trying to purchase the fixer-upper for a price that WILL allow us to fix it up and not necessitate two full-time working parents! The fellow who offered us the low, low price is apparently not the final decision maker and he is now waffling. I nicely and politely (we will be neighbors either way) to knock it off and give us a purchase price by this weekend or we will buy the open field! (I really don't want that, but I won't let him know !!)


Sue said...

Ooooo-I'm glad you went with the fixer upper. I hope you get it!

fullfreezer said...

Oh, I hear your kitchen pain!!! I was frumping in the kitchen this evening as I was cooking and everyone else was doing fun stuff (games, reading, YouTube, etc). So I decided the dishes can wait and maybe even that load of laundry- as long as I have clean pants to wear to work tomorrow). I'm going to have a bit of computer time and then- maybe even watch TV! (hear the gasps of amazement)
I do hope you get good news on the home front. While it will be a lot of work doing the fixing up, it will be very rewarding. Trust me on that one!

Ruralrose said...

the horse picture is your art? wonderful - i hear ya sista about being a slave to the kitchen, 4 days left for my then i am gonna sit on asp and write and bead and relax a little - the good thing about putting food up all summer, is that all winter most of the prep work is done, mine will be anyway - great about the property - breathe - peace

Anonymous said...

Good for you! Aside from the true "musts" its amazing how much of the stuff we impose on ourselves really isn't that critical. Or there are alternate ways that might not be so stressful. Sometimes I find activities (like music) that were fun for me just wear out, and taking a break just makes *me* feel better.

Hooray for the choice on the property! But gack on the un-final decision maker. Hopefully you'll get a real answer soon.

hickchick said...

Sue-thanks I hope so too, I think!!!
Judy-I do look forward to working together with my husband on this place. It is nice when we can be a team instead of two 'independent contractors'
Ruth- yes the avatar is my own creation-charcoal drawing with watercolor wash. I think I will get the hang of this seasonal business and enjoy each part.
Mango-you know what the funny part is...after I gave myself permission to get OUT of the kitchen, it started being okay again. Weird.