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Thursday, October 29, 2009


The driveway

Yesterday was fun -tromping around in the mud, imagining the possibilities...but i am also scared sh@t-less! It's time to put my money where my mouth is-literally. The 20 acres passed the perc test -marginal- but a pass. So once I have the county's paperwork in hand (next week) we will take the plunge. I have butterflies! I am getting out of my comfort zone. Am I really going to follow my dreams and take responsibility for creating my own life vision? Yes, yes I am.
Time to start thinking about floor plans and farm layout. And of course continuing to save, save, save!


Further thought on this subject...I have bundled all my anxiety about making fundamental changes into this land purchase. Buying and building -not such a big deal, moving family to the sticks -still not such a big deal, selling my share of the clinic and (while still working part-time) and turning away from a high cash flow lifestyle -well that is where things get a little dicey! The journey starts with a single step and we are taking a very sane approach to this. The point is happiness, security and sustainability. When we find our 'happy spot' we will know it!


Anonymous said...

It is so scarey! But I'm learning that most big changes are... Congrats and best of luck!

fullfreezer said...

I know that scary feeling! Even though we're here, I've still got that feeling. I'm glad you're coming along for the ride- It's nice to have company in scary-land.

Conny said...

We (your blog readers) will be behind you every step of the way, as much as we are able as readers. You're taking that leap of faith - and it may turn out to be the best decision of your life. Let the adventure begin.

Best wishes ~ Conny

Sue said...

It's going to be a fun journey! Congrats!

hickchick said...

Yay, thanks guys. I'll stop worrying (see addendum)